Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Specter of Bigotry Past

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After all of the effort expended by conservatives to simultaneously win the White House, Senate, and House, why oh why did we allow Arlen Specter to ascend to the Chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee? The whole point of the efforts for most Christian conservatives is to get good judges on the courts—especially the Supreme Court—but now we have this NARAL card-carrying windbag asking the president to nominate a justice who will "maintain the balance on the court." Since when was that a requisite consideration for a President?

Specter has even gone so far as to personally ask fellow conservative back-stabber Sandra Day O'Connor to continue in her SCOTUS role for as long as a year—presumably hoping that the President would take the opportunity to scour the countryside for a similarly spineless replacement for her. Perhaps worst of all, though, was Specter's resuscitation of the old anti-Catholic bigotry used against JFK so many decades ago. Along with Sen. Feinstein, Specter felt it very appropriate to ask Judge Roberts at his confirmation hearings whether his faith would interfere with his ability to be a good judge. If Specter himself has any religion, it's quite clear that it's not interfering with his activities one bit. What a disgrace!

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