Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Our Utmost for His Highest

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Jay Anderson said...


I know I shouldn't pay attention to such things during Communion, but the other day at Mass I noticed that there is an inverse relationship between female communicants receiving on the tongue and female communicants wearing flip-flops.

Andrea Phillips said...

Hey Z, There is an eery resemblance to Dalton in the kid to the left. His agent is quite concerned. HA! HA! Andrea

Zach Brissett said...

Jay -- Thanks, as always. You mean you actually have communicants receiving on the tongue? Like you, I know I shouldn't pay attention to such things, but it's a little distressing to see even elderly folks (who you know grew up receiving on the tongue) saunter up the aisle and give our Lord the "Wilie Mays" basket-catch treatment.

Aunnie Jean -- Funny you should mention the likeness to Dalton. Emma noted the same thing when I was drawing it last night! Thanks for dropping by.