Thursday, August 25, 2005

Flashback to '99: Janet Reno . . . Smokin'!

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You may remember the Justice Department's 1999 high-publicity suit against "Big Tobacco." The suit irked me on several different levels:

1. Tobacco companies are selling a legal product to willing customers. Every cigarette box clearly proclaims the dangers that await those who smoke its contents, so customers were taking a calculated risk. Leave the tobacco companies alone.

2. Tobacco use is known to be extremely dangerous. Why has the federal government been taking my money in order to pay for the medical expenses of people who knowingly threw their good health down the tubes?

3. If, indeed, the government has been wasting my money paying for the health care of self-abusers, and if, indeed, the government is going to waste more of my money by unjustly targeting the tobacco companies in a lawsuit to recover some of the money (my money!) which it initially wasted on health care, why won't I ever see a penny of the damages?

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