Sunday, July 31, 2005

Which is a Star?


God of Biscuits said...

The "pro life mentality" in action:

1. A star in a house (by which i mean, "god's creation").

2. A star in a car (by which i mean, "god's creation").

3. A star in a tree (by which i mean, "god's creation").

4. A life support system for the only humans we care about (the pre-born), with a star in it!

Zach Brissett said...


You are illustrating the point of my cartoon. How deliciously ironic!

The central question in the abortion debate is this: is the unborn child a human being?

If we know that it is, we must not kill it.

If we know that it is not, we may kill it with impunity.

If we do not know whether it is, we must err on the side of not killing it, else we be guilty of manslaughter or criminal negligence.

Pro-choicers, however, almost never address this issue. All they want to do is talk about peripheral issues--women's rights, reproductive rights, privacy rights, and so on. All of those are important issues, but they matter not one whit if another person's life is hanging in the balance.

Your parody of my cartoon is a prime example of this tendency: you want to divert the argument to religion. Where, my good Biscuit, does the word "God" appear in my cartoon?

Of course, it doesn't, but that little fact isn't going to prevent you from pretending that the pro-life argument rests exclusively on religious considerations. As a libertarian, I don't believe in enforcing my religious convictions through the mechanism of government.

My opposition to abortion (and that of many, many other pro-life people, both religious and irreligious) is purely based on natural law and logic. I have yet to see a pro-abortion rights argument that is similarly grounded.

Perhaps you can back up your swagger by addressing the question of whether the unborn child is a human being, or try in vain to tell me why this question does not matter.